Food Fit for the Family


Food Fit for the Family is our BRAND NEW Cookbook that is for the whole family to enjoy.

This cookbook removes the everyday stress of cooking dinners for fussy kids by creating family-friendly recipes that don’t require 101 different ingredients or require hours to cook.





If dinner time is anything like it is in our house then you’ll know what it’s like: a nightmare.

Or at least it used to be.

We remember the everyday struggle that was trying to get the kids to eat their greens, fussy eating and cooking different dinners.

It was chaos, which is why we were determined to solve this problem by creating something that was fit for the family.

Something the whole family could enjoy, was quick and convenient and was built on our principles of eating good, nutritious foods.

Which is when we came up with Food Fit for the Family: The Cookbook. 

With over 100+ family friendly recipes, and a Cooking Skills Guide for Beginners included, we are so pleased to announce that our first ever cookbook is now available to pre-order.

With its release looming on the 1st September, this cookbook is perfect for any parent looking to make dinner time less stressful.

And we believe, this cookbook has done just that. 

  • Recipes that don’t require 101 ingredients to cook one single meal
  • Meals that don’t take hours to cook
  • Partners who don’t make as much fuss as the kids

Get your copy today!