Sculpt ShredIT


The Sculpt ShredIT is a step-by-step blueprint for not only weight loss but also healthier and happier living. Our programme provides tried and trusted expert guidance on healthy weight loss, structured plans and effective exercise to ensure our members can shed their unwanted kilos for the long term and not just a few weeks.

Through the ShredIT programme’s diet planning and holistic approach to weight loss our members have enjoyed fantastic results while feeling on top of the world. Our ShredIT programme is packed with healthy recipes which were compiled by nutrition experts to promote slimming without sacrificing essential whole food nourishment. Beating the junk food cravings is made simple by our mouthwatering dishes that will leave you satisfied each and every time.





Whether you’re looking to get healthy, lose weight, or stay hydrated, ShredIT 10 Day cleanse is a great option to get a healthy lifestyle back on track. 10 days is long enough for you to get some real results, and short enough to stay disciplined for success. By fueling your body with essential nutrients, you will be getting a jumpstart to reach your next health goals. During the 10-day period, you will shed unhealthy habits and focus on clean living, followed by a 4-month period when you will continue your own personal education and establish long-term health that will revolutionise your life for years to come.

Most cleanses are very restrictive and can leave you feeling hungry, fatigued and nauseous. ShredIT aims to cut out unhealthy foods and drinks that may harm the body. This includes processed and refined foods, added sugars and artificial sweeteners, foods high in saturated fats, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten. ShredIT involves eating plenty of  whole foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, drink plenty of water and get regular exercise.